What Is Coaching?

What Is An ADHD Coach?

An ADHD coach is a “life coach” specifically trained to help adults or any member of a family if necessary, that might be impacted by ADHD

A coach will work on areas of;
• Emotional Growth         • Executive Brain Function         • Memory Issues

What Is Coaching?

How does coaching work?

Together, during your first session, we will look at some of your current challenges and begin to design strategies that will work with your unique brain style in order to minimize your struggles and help you reach your goals.

Following our initial chat, we will then arrange a suitable time to begin your personalized plan of action over zoom or phone (or in person once the circumstances allow). We will develop some strategies and maybe new habits that will support those goals, intentions and dreams. At times you may be given some ideas to try out but first we will explore a bit in order to get the clarity we need to develop a system that will support your needs and desires.

What Is Coaching?

How long should you give coaching?

It is recommended, to give at least 3 months (12 weeks). This time will allow us to establish our relationship but also allow you to experience any noticeable change. Coaching is not therapy; it is often experienced as an exciting journey of hope, progress and movement. However, as you will drive the agenda, there may be a little bit of experimenting with tools and strategies, in order to get things right for you. So please see this as journey rather than a quick fix!


Who can benefit from a Coach?

Anyone can come to an ADHD coach, whether you have ADHD or not as the close family members and friends play a crucial part in the lives of those who struggle with ADHD. Anyone can also have ADHD; students, parents, grandparents, children, business people, company owners. Even the most successful people may struggle with internal or hidden issues.

Coaching can help:

Young people/Adults in college who often find they need support in getting assignments done, building good routines, improving their Focus and concentration and motivation to study and work academically.

General working professionals who often lose motivation or find it hard to get work done unless there is pressure of a deadline. They may have issues in areas of social conversations with colleagues and/or friends.

Parents & Adults who have difficulty getting household errands complete such as meal planning or laundry and struggle with disorganisation, managing behaviours in families or managing their own emotions.

There is a lot of emotional sensitivity and difficulty in regulating emotions, which can cause issues in relationships and self-confidence. A coach can help you to design a plan that will suit your needs and help you overcome these obstacles.

How do I schedule a complimentary consultation?

The next step is to schedule your first 20–30 minute Complimentary Consultation with Karla! During this time, you will work together to determine what is the next, best step for you. You can schedule a time that works best for you by clicking here