I have had great privilege meeting others with ADHD. I have even gained friends who are living with similar challenges and who can understand the impact ADHD can have in your life.

My own ADHD journey has helped me understand the important things in life and surround myself with those who also understand.
Through my work as a Coach and an Adult ADHD support group facilitator, I have seen amazing talents, gifts and skills. Through the many people I have met who live with ADHD, I have gained a great range of insights and knowledge on the struggles they face, how they cope with it and get through life. This first-hand experience has been better than any book you can ever read or any piece of research you will ever find.

I am also very proud to have met people in my profession, adults in social care settings; potentially homeless, who have grown confident and better equipped mentally to deal with struggle and difficulty. All it takes is to be heard by someone in a supportive manner.

As an ADHD Coach, I can help you to find a place where you are comfortable and content to explore all the possibilities that will give you the real hope and excitement to live the life of the person you really are. With my help you can become better equipped to deal with all that life has to throw at us!

I believe strongly in reaching out for those dreams or intentions no matter what the size, small or large.

“Karla has been recognized as one of the Top ADHD Coaches by Coach Foundation.”

"That experience has given me a deep understanding of how each unique brain really thrives. I have learned that ADHD certainly does not block a person from who they really are, but rather enhances their true self. Nonetheless, I myself know all too well that it does not always feel that way, and that’s why I am here to help you cherish the good days and help you to deal with the bad ones."