Achievements and learning 


Graduate of ADD Coach Academy

Accredited ADHD & Life Coach Training Program, New York.



  • Department of Social Science.; DIT college Dublin-  Ba Degree in Social care
  • )2000— Certificate in Development Studies-Social and Economic Change-
  • 1998-1999– Liberties college, Dublin 8, Youth and Community Studies. Achieved an Extra Mural Diploma
  • 1997:Portobello School of childcare, Dominick street D,1 certificate course in child care studies.   Also a volunteer with Stoneybatter youth service in 1997.


Other learning and Development training.

  • Motivational interviewing.
  • Therapeutic Crisis intervention
  • Assist- Suicide intervention Training.(HSE)
  • Bereavement training.
  • Self harm reduction training (HSE)
  • Trauma informed care

Within the Homeless services, my role is to

  • Provide young adults with individual support and key working.
  • Advocating on a young person’s behalf with various local authorities such as housing associations, social welfare, schools and colleges and all other relevant professionals.
  • Developing support and personal plans with the young person

Through the many years working with young adults, seeing their potential it has given me the desire to keep going.  In my own personal journey and diagnosis of ADHD back in 1997/8 this has given me knowledge and awareness beyond words. My biggest privilege in this journey has been meeting  other adults with similar brain thought processes to me.

Summer 2017, I think it was June. I approached, Ken CEO at ADHD Ireland and asked if they would help me set up an adult support group, for people with ADHD. I was going through some interesting and challenging times in my own life. I felt I needed to know if my ADHD played a part in that. I wondered if others might have this condition. It was another professional, who suggested I might start a group, to gain insight, actually it was mentioned twice to me by two different professionals. So I did. It was always in my mind, it was having the courage.

Ken was fantastic, he was encouraging and supportive and seemed to have every faith in me. We had a good chat. This was a giant “leap” forward for me, as I look now and see the many groups ADHD Ireland have continued on to do.

From 2017-2020, we were meeting in a room at Brunswich Street Dublin 1. Face to face, peer to peer.

Then Covid hit; but it did not stop the journey, we went online, and continued through zoom, which grew huge nationwide. ADHD Ireland continued on and started many other groups.  I am so proud to have been at the start of this big journey personally, and for our ADHD community.

It was the natural next step to begin working as an ADHD life coach.  I could now get to know my wonderful peers and partners to be a help in their journeys as someone had once helped me.

I was also lucky to have had my own coach, which brought about many of my own learning tools to the table.

I have been lucky to have had this opportunity to facilitate ADHD adults.  I have been in awe of their stories. Listening to them talk of their own talents, abilities, skills where they often do not realize how great they are.