What is an ADHD Coach?

An ADHD coach is a “life coach” specifically trained to help adults or any member of a family if necessary that might be impacted by ADHD with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) better manage their lives.

They work on areas of emotional growth, various executive function brain skills, such as planning, , motivation and activating the brain also including memory issues.


What Can I do as a coach ?

Help you develop personal planning and management skills leading to healthier and happier lifestyle thus improving on aspects such as relationships, self-esteem and self-confidence and giving clearer judgement in how you see yourself in any situation.

Students will likely need support with Academic tasks and completion with difficulty staying focused on task or planning assignments. Working professionals and entrepreneurs all have similar struggles, may show up more obviously in time management and concentration.

Some may have issues in decision making, prioritising and possible chronic procrastination depending on deadlines or not. Some can hyper focus on projects excessively leaving little time for anything else and being exhausted.

Most of these symptoms are what shows up for those with ADHD in a chronic way, affecting our quality of life but it varies in every unique individual of course.

  • Housework, mess, paper disorganisation, forgetfulness.
  • Losing keys phone or wallet
  • Distraction can be an obstacle if not worked upon. This can lead to overwhelming feelings and even sometimes underwhelm.
  • Often does not seem to listen when spoken to directly (e.g., mind seems elsewhere, even in the absence of any obvious distraction).

Coaching Approach

This is a step by step process. You set the agenda. The Coach listens and helps you clarify some of those goals or intentions you might have. Through shared insight and guidance we will work together in designing strategies that will work for your brain.

A Little Insight

Who tends to look for a coach and why

Anyone can come to a coach, whether you have ADHD or not.  Anyone can also have ADHD, students, parents, grandparent, children, businesspeople, company owners. Even the successful people may struggle with internal or hidden issues that can cause other problems in their life.

Many with ADHD might struggle with time management and concentration. Some may have issues in decision making, prioritising and possible chronic procrastination depending on deadlines or not. A person may work obsessively on a project leading to exhaustion and little time for anything else. This can be referred to as hyper focus in ADHD. It can be a positive for some and the impact might allow for other parts of the life to get less important time, unless its planned a little.

  • Housework mess, paper disorganisation, forgetfulness. Losing keys, phone wallet often. Gets distracted easily from one thing to the next while doing any one task. This can become overwhelming. Sometimes the task will be underwhelming. Your own plan that suits you best is the trick but finding it might be tricky but not impossible. Sometimes we have to step outside, and a coach can help you look in if you feel you need it.
  • There is a lot of emotional sensitivity and difficulty in regulating emotion, which can cause issues in relationships and self-confidence.