Why me?

I am a Advanced Certified ADHD life coach .
excited to chat with you and hear your journey.
I became an ADHD coach because I saw and heard the struggle of each and every unique Adult with ADHD in the support groups I facilitated. So after 4 years facilitating ADHD support groups, it only felt natural to continue on and support and advocate for us Adult ADHD folk and train as a life coach. This was the area I was already exploring. Having had personal ADHD diagnosis back in 1996 and living that journey. This journey thought me so much, so I wanted to learn more, lwhich moved me forward. From this it took me to support groups and is now the reason I am coaching. I have had great experience working with people and their individula personal needs, through my work in Focus Ireland homeless agency. Through my career I have gained lots of insight and training which has continued to strengthen my skills.

I am a mother of two girls, 8 and 11 years, and Married to my best friend Conor, who shares and walks alongside me in the many adventures of our life together. We have travelled the world together and have survived many things. I know I can be a challenge to live with with due to some of the challenges ADHD with much fun and adventure and excitment. I have been lucky to have someone go through this with me and help in my forever goals to strive and be the best at what I am.
This is why I feel I help you through your journey and look together at what holds you strong and what might hold you back too, with a second ADHD lense.

I can help you find your direction and examine options and obstacles that lay in front of us. Together we can explore all the possibilities that will give you the real hope and excitement to live the life of the person you really are. With my help you can become better equipped to deal with all that life has to throw , clarity of your strengths, gives you the muscle power to stick for some time as you like

I believe strongly in reaching out for those dreams or intentions no matter what the size, small or large.

“Karla has been recognized as one of the Top ADHD Coaches by Coach Foundation.”

"That experience has given me a deep understanding of how each unique brain really thrives. I have learned that ADHD certainly does not block a person from who they really are, but rather enhances their true self. Nonetheless, I myself know all too well that it does not always feel that way, and that’s why I am here to help you cherish the good days and help you to deal with the bad ones."