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Meet Karla:
ADHD Certified Advanced life Coach (ACCG) with ADDCA

Some Personal background about me!

We all have a story to tell,

My story, has been a journey to say the least! but mostly learning and personal growth and a desire to continue to do so!  I was born in a place called Honduras, in Central Ameria.  At 6 months old I was adopted by my amazing parents from Ireland who at the time had been living in Canada.

They decided to return to Ireland when I was 1 in 1976 for work reasons. I have grown up in Ireland ever since.  My lived experience as an adoptee was always an honest one, having been told this at an early age was a wonderful thing.

Being in awareness, wanting to know everything about myself.  I always felt some of my challenges were down to being from another culture and genetic make up and the traumas that a young child can experience.  I believe some of that is true.

Having had  some ups and downs in my younger years, Later  I discovered  in early adulthood, that I was living with ADHD and saw my neurological emotional brain was struggling with ” various day to day task challenges too.. This made sense as I began to learn all I could about it and made sense to me. This for me was a relief but at times hard to accept.

Now, Today.

Married to the Amazing Conor Farrell, since 2009!  best friend since 1996 ! Father of my two gorgeous kind young girls since 2012, Blessed and priveleged and living in Dublin.

Certifed as an ” Advanced ADHD life coach” in Ireland, since 2020, with ADDCA academy( International coaching Federation approved course)

I have also being working as Social Care Professional since 2004 with Focus Ireland.

Experience with Adult support

I have been helping people professionally for the past 25 years supporting them to reach their own personal goals & intentions.

ADHD Adult Support group facilitator for all Gender and non gender Male and Female since  2017

The first adult suppport group in Ireland began in Dublin when I met the starting CEO and still there today of ADHD Ireland KEn Kilbride who listened to me and got the ball rolling for us to see who else in the world was living with this condition.


Words to live by

Learn to build your tools and put yourself into action. Time, space can build all you need.

Coaching is a process.

Lets reach some satisfaction and a feeling of success.

Lets never stop learning.

How I Can Help

Why Me?

I have devoted my career in helping others to cope with the struggles and now in particular those who live with  ADHD. In my 20+ years of experience, I had the privilege to really understand the importance of meeting someone and working with their unique brain, personality and general life story. This helps me to give guidance , help with finding clarity so they can move forward. My lived experience from a young adult age knowing I had ADHD and also the lived experienced of Adoption.

  I have seen first hand in my one to one work with my clients, the change, the shift and the mood uplift. It is beautiful to hear a person find their own way, when they have decided to pause and sit down and connect their thoughts with a person and seek direction.

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We will work together to help you find your inner focus and clarity. We will discover strategies that will help you to manage your time better, reduce procrastination and increase emotional resilience.

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Coaching Approach

Coaching is a gradual process where you set the agenda. The coach listens and helps you to clarify the goals you hope to achieve. Through shared insight and guidance, we will work together in designing strategies that will work best for your individual needs.

Balanced Life

A Balanced life means spending time doing the things that you enjoy but also making sure that the important tasks are being carried out. We will work on anxiety and explore the ways ADHD might affect your relationships.

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