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Create a way that works for you. Increase your focus and find clarity to learn what your goals are!


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Meet Karla,
ADDCA Associate Certified Coach (AACC),

ADHD & Personal life Coach:

Working to support those beautiful minds and Brains.

I am Karla, an ADHD life coach and a Social care professional working in the Homeless sector. I am a mother of two young children so plenty of fun and games!

I have been helping people professionally for the past 25 years in supporting them to reach their own goals & achievements.. I have had the great honor of  facilitating support groups of Adults with ADHD for the past 5 years with ADHD Ireland.

I am trained in many interventions and skills and collectively have a vast amount of knowledge in the area of ADHD.

Words to live by

Learn to use your own tools and put that box together. 12 weeks.

How I Can Help

Why Me?

I have devoted my career in helping others to cope with the struggles that come with ADHD. In my 20+ years of experience, I had the privilege to meet many people with ADHD and helped them to overcome their challenges.

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We will work together to help you find your inner focus and clarity. We will discover strategies that will help you to manage your time better, reduce procrastination and increase emotional resilience.

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Coaching Approach

Coaching is a gradual process where you set the agenda. The coach listens and helps you to clarify the goals you hope to achieve. Through shared insight and guidance, we will work together in designing strategies that will work best for your individual needs.

Balanced Life

A Balanced life means spending time doing the things that you enjoy but also making sure that the important tasks are being carried out. We will work on anxiety and explore the ways ADHD might affect your relationships.

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A way that
works for you

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